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Senyum Hospitality Network

Nowadays, more and more cities are using Visit(City).com websites to attract visitors and promote their destinations internationally. These websites have become a very powerful tool for city marketing, with over 500 cities adopting this approach, including well-known destinations like,, and is a prime example of the strength of a Visit[city].com website. With monthly visitors reaching around 2 million, and a total of 17.1 million tourists visiting Dubai in 2023, has become one of the strongest tourism brands in the world.

Senyum Hospitality owns and operates a network of travel site using only premium location based domain names. We’ve invested in a portfolio of premium domains using Visit + City, Explore + City only. Simply the best travel domains to build a long-lasting brand.

Here are a few of our digital assets / domain names;

Visit****.com (Acquired) ,  Visit*****.com (Acquired)

Europe ,  Visit*****.com (Acquired)

Middle East

United States (US),  Visit*****.com (Acquired)

Talk to us about our digital assets / domain names, place ads, or developing travel solutions for your location.

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